Personally, I believe Tarot not to be mystic at all.

It’s quite simple as a matter of fact. As long as you keep it pure. Picking cards and looking at them and interpreting them is nothing more than chatting with yourself.

The cards depict agreed upon symbols and meanings of which you will have on top your own associations. It is as if I’d say “green” and what does come to your mind spontaneously? Someone would say grass and tranquility and freedom but another will think of bile and greed.

You, you are tremendously able. You might not remember HOW MUCH so, but nevertheless, you are. So much that you even “know” which cards you select before seeing them. It’s a little game of hide and seek and oh I found the answer playing you do with yourself.

The more you trust yourself and this truth, the easier it gets and the less disturbances of other influences to muddy the waters.

For this reason alone I would never want somebody else to handle my cards or to select them for me, even THEIR interpretation is risky! It might be that she is well trained to pick up on you but most often their own schooling or viewpoints or problems will flow into a reading.

Also, don’t go along and ask the cards about your future! How dumb to limit that with some restricted cards! Use them as creative items, a fun tool to chat with yourself about current or past stuff.

Remember, it is YOU who is cause but then also the effect of your own cause.